Segment Hunter

ˈsegmənt hən(t)ər/'


One who actively researches and explores Strava segments which they wish to ride and conquer for the convenient king of the mountain or queen of the mountain badge.

Our Start

Segment Hunter was started after a small group of guys started using the term in their nasty internal emails to each other when the dreaded “You Lost Your KOM” email was received from Strava. It was realized then, that Strava segment hunting could be so much more than the internal banter of friends; so the Segment Hunter clothing line was born.

Our Inspiration

Our start was to spread the fun and competitiveness of hunting down your local KOM and bringing home the crown. Now we want all segment hunting activist to be able to let everyone around them know they are proud of their achievements and commitment to the Segment Hunter title.

Our Current Trends

The current tee shirts we have designed signify one’s hard work and dedication with many more ideas and plans up our sleeves. With that said, we look forward to your reviews, comments, suggestions, and even stories; so feel free to contact us by email, twitter or hashtag #SegmentHunter

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