What Is Segment Hunting?

What is Strava?

We always get a lot of questions about our passion for Strava? What is Strava? Strava is plain ingenious; it is a fitness community at www.strava.com used for compiling ride data. So now you are thinking what is ride data? It is a generic term (which we just constructed) that includes a recorded gps ride or run that athletes are recording through fitness gadgets and apps, such as a iphone, a Garmin or a Nike gps watch. Once the ride data is recorded out in the real world by the athlete actually doing the route (Here is one of Chris’s Rides). The athlete uploads the ride data to Strava, where it is compiled in its fitness community. An athlete can then create a 'segment' on that recorded ride. An athlete’s created segment is a smaller section of the uploaded ride which is stored as a gps location’s start and end point (Below is one of Chris’s segments). Strava will then create a virtual leader board that shows you everyone whom also completed that 'segment' and uploaded it to Strava. The virtual leader board ranks everyone according to time. If you do that segment the fastest, you earn the covenanted KOM/QOM (King of the Mountain/Queen of the Mountain). The results creates a virtual game that augments the real world.

For instance, Eric and I often compete against each other for local KOMs. This occurs at different times however. I can ride the segment on our nearby street on Monday and upload my data. He can then ride that same segment on Tuesday and compete against me on the segment.

What Is a Segment Hunter?

We have been passionately competing for KOMs on our local segments for some time. Thus, Segment Hunters are those who find nearby segments already made and ride/run them to take the number one spot on the virtual leaderboard by being the fastest person. This creates an ultra competitive fitness community that augments reality.

For a great perspective on how addictive and virtual game-like Strava is, check out Scarlet Fire's blog article.